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Waving Adieus to Calories

Hitting the Gym

For some folks gymnasium is their second home. The few hours spent on pampering and toning their bodies is like heaven to them. It is a healthy choice for those who are sitting on their chairs for affixed 8 hours a day and have unfixed lunch timings. Waking up early in the morning at six at spending an hour or two at this physical arena will definitely raise your spirits and give you the much-needed energy for the deadlines. Easy exercises include spot jogging, yoga, and leg stretching with dance sessions. After all that sweating, you can grab a glass of a fruit juice or oatmeal. Nothing beats such dietary habits.

Office exercises

Can you type your work reports and do your exercises at the same time? You can if you steal some time of your breaks. Cover your eyes with cold cotton balls for ten fifteen minutes and relax back on your chair. Put your palms on your eyes and press them lightly (like an eye massage) for few minutes. This will relax your retinal movements. People are often tensed about their over timings at workplace but that should not stop you from moving around the premises. Whenever you feel stiff just get up, move around the office building, and get some fresh air. This will give you the benefit of a healthy breath and creative ideas. This is a fact. Moving around the open environment will boost up your creativity level and not staring at your computer screen jolting for some ideas. If there is a park around your area than do not hesitate to grab a swing or running on the jogging track for a while. Try it.