Short Hypnosis Session

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Now available for the first time ever for you to download to your personal computer! This is the Audio Only Version of the Popular “Short Hypnosis Session” with Victoria Gallagher as seen on her Channel.

Victoria gently guides you through a short 10 minute breathing and relaxation process.

You can do this session anytime you need a break from your day or even to fall asleep at night. You will come back refreshed and ready to go about your day … or you may also decide to go right to sleep after watching.


The purpose of an altered state of awareness, or otherwise called hypnosis, is to create communication between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. It’s so much easier than you might think.

In this short under 10 minute hypnosis Victoria is going to have you naturally and easily become aware of your breathing … just breathing naturally. You’ll notice the quality of your breathing and use your breathing to relax you even more completely and deeply.

You will find it so easy to let go and focus on each word. You will take that feeling of relaxation and allow it to travel from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes. And you may continue with your eyes opened or closed.

You’ll continue thinking even each muscle of your body relaxing … feeling good to just let go and relax. And you’ll go deeper and deeper into hypnosis. Naturally you’ll become aware that you have an unlimited capability to relax as deeply as you want to. And so if you want to … you’ll be able to double your relaxation and notice how free and easy you feel with this unlimited potential …

As you find yourself going deeper and deeper into hypnosis … your mind becomes relaxed … and you become free.

Now Available for Purchase:
Audio Only Version:
Video Version

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15 thoughts on “Short Hypnosis Session

  1. Aysia Buie

    I feel like I let out a lot of negative emotions so thank you love your energy and you're great with green screening wow. I felt tears of joy doing this so thank you!!!

  2. Grapefruit Gravy

    I've been watching this to relax and sleep for years (^_^) just gets better and better each time!

  3. purinahonora

    Hi Victoria, I am a customer of and I have a great collection of your hypnosis sessions. However, I fall asleep every time I use self-discipline and calm and focused hypnosis. Any advice??

  4. Imane EL RHAZI

    This was incredibly efficient, really amazing, may Allah bless your beautiful soul, prayer is my gift for you

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