Release stress, fear and anxiety Guided self hypnosis Meditation

Release stress, fear and anxiety Guided self hypnosis Meditation

This video is a guided hypnosis for releasing fear and stress. All you have to do is relax in a safe comfortable place and lay down. Close your eyes and listen to the guided hypnosis.
All hypnosis is self hypnosis so go into it with a open mind.

.- Warning please do not drive or operate any heavy machinery while listening to this video.

If you accept my suggestions, I promise a positive journey into inner self. This may take several listens for full effect.This is a tool to deprogram fear and anxiety using hypnosis. Bin-aural Beats are used with water and jungle sounds to help enhance a deeper trance.

Please share and more videos will be on the way.

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03/08/2017 at 14

This helps a lot when you have headphones, it mind sets you into relaxation.

Brooks Richardson
03/08/2017 at 14

will this erase my bad axnious thoughts forever?

Ubhaya Sundar
03/08/2017 at 14


Marlene Upchurch
03/08/2017 at 14

Jerry C Great! One of the most relaxing hypnosis/meditations I've tried. Thanks so much!

RainbowLight Yoga
03/08/2017 at 14

Great work with the sounds! Must have taken awhile to edit. Great job! The induction and deepened was great but the body was more affirmations? Maybe use more hypnotic language?

03/08/2017 at 14

Super relaxing and the sound switching from one ear to the other really got me in a deep trance, kinda felt like it was "moving" me?!
Love it though will definitely listen again. ☺️

precinct 1 baltimore county residents
03/08/2017 at 14
Phil Wyatt
03/08/2017 at 14

I find with headphones the stereo effect relaxing and entrancing. Thanks, will listen to again.

Reem Tahir
03/08/2017 at 14

The sound effect is distracting

Jennifer Lilly
03/08/2017 at 14

Wearing headphones with this really amplified the fact that the voice kept switching from left to right and back again. It was too distracting to be able to relax to. Cool effect sure but not for this.

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