Powerfull Hypnosis to develop psychic abilities

Powerfull Hypnosis to develop psychic abilities

I have been asked, “How is it possible to become more psychic using hypnosis?” The answer is, through the use of hypnotic suggestion that part of the brain which allows psychic and intuitive impressions to come through can be ‘awakened’ and “Developed”
We are all born with some psychic ability. It truly is our birthright. However, this faculty was not encouraged and exercised as we grew so it atrophied. This does not mean it disappeared altogether. It didn’t. It just became temporarily inactive.
Hypnotic suggestion can awaken and strengthen our psychic gifts the way it can help to improve our memory, help us to quit a bad habit, or sleep more deeply. One must simply remember the subconscious mind rules! As one of my teachers once told me, “The subconscious mind is the seat of our habits and the steering wheel of our behavior.” Learning how to access it and give it direction is both an art and a science.

Using the art/science of hypnotic suggestion we can access the subconscious mind and give it the direction it lacks. If being more psychic or more intuitive is your goal then you must point the subconscious in the right direction. Let it know what you want it to do for you, then, let it do its thing

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