Is There A Difference Between Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy!

Is There A Difference Between Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy!

NYC Hypnosis – – NYC Hypnotist John Petrocelli, 4 months after being caught in a debris shower 1/2 block from the towers during 9/11, went through hypnotherapy to see if it would work to alleviate the paralyzing effects: Anxiety, Depression .. That he was experiencing himself. The results he experienced were nothing less than miraculous. The hopelessness was gone. Prof John Petrocelli traveled to meet with the innovators of this new therapy: Gil Boyne, Stephen Parkhill, Mark Cunningham .. applied the techniques with his emerging band of young hypnotists and organized groups of 9/11 survivor volunteers …..

Listen to this New York City Hypnotist Explain it all.

Filmed With an HTC One Phone … and a 5 dollar gorillapod stand purchased off of ebay for 5 dollars.

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