Hypnosurgery Live

Hypnosurgery Live

Hypnosurgery Live. A live television broadcast in Britain (April 2006) demonstrates the latent power and potential of the human mind. A man has a hernia surgically removed without the use of any pain removing drugs whatsoever. To accomplish this task pain is nullified through the use of hypnosis.

Official More4 description: “Presented by Sarah Smith, this two hour special asks whether hypnosis should be more widely available to people unsuited to, too weak for, or afraid of conventional anaesthetics. The programme includes discussion and debate as well as live and archive examples of the efficacy of hypnosis in a surgical context, and culminates in a live hernia operation being performed under hypnosis with no anaesthetic at all. Should the technique be more widely available in the NHS? Could it potentially save lives, offer wider patient choice and speed the recovery process?”


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