Hypnosis Training Video #320: Hypnotherapy “Take Homes” from the NGH Solid Gold Weekend

Hypnosis Training Video #320: Hypnotherapy “Take Homes” from the NGH Solid Gold Weekend

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In this episode, Brenda delves into the specific hypnosis training sessions at the recent NGH Solid Gold Weekend that meant a lot to her.

She recounts what she learned from the session with hypnotherapist Lynsi Eastburn and the topic of hypnofertility — which she is very passionate about. She then discusses what she learned from 30 year hypnosis veteran, Don Mottin. And finally, she speaks on Drake Eastburn’s session and everything she took away from his important session. Cal “chimes in” and adds to the information that Brenda picked up at the Solid Gold Event.

These events are real learning experiences. The next big event for professional hypnotists is the Annual NGH convention from August 9 — 11, register now. As always, we welcome comments below.

Brenda also, shares with us her first-hand experiences on how she has used hypnosis in her everyday life and how knowing hypnosis has led her to help people around her.

Today’s Discussion Points:

• Lynsi Eastburn’s hypnofertility session

• Don Mottin’s high energy hypnosis voice

• Drake Eastburn’s presentation on “waking hypnosis”

• Celeste Hackett’s Rapid Tension Release Hypnosis technique talk

• Jacob Bimblich’s talk on using aversion techniques in hypnosis and hypnotherapy

• Brenda’s practical application of what she learned

• Brenda talks about hypnosis & hypnotherapy with her doctor

• Now is the time to start planning for the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention

• Let’s do a hypnosis event in Cuba!

Other Resources:

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