Hypnosis For Many Requests, Sleep, Pain AND Depression, Eddini.

Hypnosis For Many Requests, Sleep, Pain AND Depression, Eddini.

Wow I’ve gotten, so, so many requests and IT’S FINE, but PLEASE use the SELF – HYPNOSIS Technique that I taught you as well. They say usually one topic per session, if not the topics become “weakened”. I know though through training how to not have that happen. I have lots of people that look to me as they are suffering. PLEASE if of like faith look to God, Pray, Journal, and I CANNOT Diagnose any Medical Problem so PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR. The videos are ONLY a “Side Tool” a resource you have and nothing wrong with having as much resources as possible. I will probably TOUCH ON A COUPLE OTHER SUBJECTS too. One is dealing with Bossy People … etc. I need to REALLY GET THESE OUT, BUT IN A QUALITY AS ALWAYS JOB. Love You All, Ed.

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