HYPNOSIS DEMONSTRATION – With Full Explanation of Hypnosis

HYPNOSIS DEMONSTRATION – With Full Explanation of Hypnosis

This demonstration will show you clearly that it is possible to manipulate a person through hypnotic techniques to think what is untrue or to act otherwise than they normally would.

Indeed, the techniques used in this demonstration are mild and gentle compared with some of influences that surround us in our daily lives. Yet you wil see people doing silly things and explaining and defending them in silly ways.

When similar and even stronger influences are used to make people do much more serious things than changing their shoes around and thinking it was their idea, the possibilities become much more sinister.

This is the hypnosis downloads demonstration referred to in the book, “Hypnotic States Of Americans” by Roy Masters. Buy the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hypnotic-States-Americans-spiritual-survival/dp/1460939026

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