How to Utilize Hypnosis to Transition from Male to Female

How to Utilize Hypnosis to Transition from Male to Female

Using hypnosis to aid with your transition can be highly beneficial when you can relax, release fears and resistance, and give yourself positive suggestions to become the female you have always been on the inside. Whatever you chose to incorporate into your life and focus your attention on, you will have as long as you continue to stay determined and be patient.

3:44 – Relax & Release Resistance
7:30 – Feminization Process

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Emmanuel Soria
29/05/2017 at 14

dear Autumn Asphodel I want to be like you and I want to have long hair.

Emmanuel Soria
29/05/2017 at 14

dear Autumn Asphodel I want to go transition to be a girl with huge boobies and a vagina.

kael'thas sunstrider
29/05/2017 at 14

hypnosis is magic. everybody should know it.

Ericka Suyat
29/05/2017 at 14

can you minimize your eye- rolling? I don't know if it's just me but I think it's kinda creepy. thanks!

Logan Smith
29/05/2017 at 14

awesome vid and great tips. i agree that hypnosis can improve mental acceptance and happiness throughout a transition. And its perfect because it doesnt make you accept anything that goes against what you truly want; simply a complete transition into accepting yourself, just have to be careful how positive the hypnosis is. There is some more intense stuff out there just beware

Thea Riley
29/05/2017 at 14

I'm so glad I found you on youtube,
all of the things you've said here are extremely helpful ^_^ x

29/05/2017 at 14

This is definitely something that has the potential to aid me in connecting with my female self. Thanks for the video.

Natalie Horsten
29/05/2017 at 14

I seem to be unable to do this. I can't imagine becoming more female by just thinking of it, where as I AM becoming more female on a physical level due to hormones and surgeries. Having more feminine mannerisms and such may help me pass as female, it doesn't change the perception I have about myself, which is currently of neither gender.

29/05/2017 at 14

fetishes people take them too far.

Ember Pixie
29/05/2017 at 14

I've found that the most important thing for me, as far as falling into a trance during hypnosis goes, is breathing. I concentrate on taking slow, deep breaths, in and out, and I find it helps tremendously with falling into a trance quickly. ^_^

29/05/2017 at 14

im scared

29/05/2017 at 14

16k+ Views and only 196 likes!!! Thanks Autumn for doing this and helping people like me.

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