How to hypnotise 1200 people. The Dreamweaver Hypnosis Show

How to hypnotise 1200 people. The Dreamweaver Hypnosis Show

The Dreamweaver Hypnosis Show

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Comedy Hypnotist Show

Comedy Hypnotist The Dreamweaver performs his Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show at 1200 seater holiday hypnotist show venue.
All the volunteers ran to the stage as only the first 15 get the chance to take part.

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Discussing his MTV Ex on the Beach experience with Hannah Murray on TRE. Also his live Comedy Stage Hypnosis show, and how hypnosis can help business thrive and grow faster.

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Interview – Stage Hypnosis the man behind the curtain

Comedy hypnotist Interview:

More than 1 million entertained live and 60,000 mesmerized.
Enough experience for you!

Can you imagine being hypnotized in seconds?

7,000,000 people watched “The hypnotist” Stuart Ashing, in one of MTV series “Ex on the beach”
Hypnotizing 8 people in seconds.

Since 1993 The Dreamweaver has mesmerized more than 60,000 people and entertained live more than 1 million people with his hypnosis show at universities and theaters throughout the UK and Europe.

He moved with his family to live on the Costa del Sol in 2005, where he discovered the Spanish people are very engaging and even more playful than the English!

Volunteers once hypnotized enter a hilarious journey through creative imagination. Where you or your friends become the stars of the show.
They may believe they are stars of ballet, riding a huge stallion
in a race, can speak a foreign language, or be very loving with a broomstick that looks like a super model! Among many other crazy ideas.

The comedy in this show is a crazy farce of humour across the ages of hypnosis.

The 1950 Mesmer cliché with wide eyes and a goatee is dragged screaming into the 21st century, as Stuart combines the power, sound and lighting of a rock concert with the latest fun and methods of quick hypnosis.

How to help the audience to play is the first goal of each artist and The Dreamweaver Hypnosis Show has more than 25 yearsexperience of exactly that.

Leaving the show you can be amazed and surprised at what you just saw and have sore stomach muscles.

The Dreamweaver Hypnosis Show is interviewed regularly in the media in English and Spanish for the show and as a hypnotherapist.

CORPORATE CLIENTS include Gibraltar
Sanroque Golf Suites
MTV Europe and Australia
London City Airport
All Cambridge ball venues

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