Erase Your Mind Hypnosis

Erase Your Mind Hypnosis

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This was another request I was given a while ago and just now got around to doing. The request was for a short video that caused the viewer to drop into a totally mindless state for a somewhat extended period; I chose 1 hour.

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Batgamer 99768
31/05/2017 at 14

no joke when I started it was 9.00. now it is 10.22

Paul Garcia
31/05/2017 at 14

WHAT THE HELL. HOW. it worked ish but i like fought it to move

MobSlayer 3310
31/05/2017 at 14

i lost my for 4 minutes :/ not a hour

31/05/2017 at 14

i tried , it failed

mr play button golden mac nuggets
31/05/2017 at 14

it worked thanks

Konrax Sadistic
31/05/2017 at 14

i couldnt relax enough. i have like catchy music llaying in my head and i couldnt feel the sensation x.x

31/05/2017 at 14

this is demonic

31/05/2017 at 14

omfg I couldn't move my legs

A.H Productions
31/05/2017 at 14

Worked partially, i can move, slowly, but its taking me a lot longer to try to think what things are and mean… Feels weird to move my arms…

Skipper nifty
31/05/2017 at 14

thanks this really help erase the awful memory of which was watching the shuffle dance.

gods be prased :@fr§rrt

Itz Calhoun
31/05/2017 at 14

I couldn't think straight for a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time

renee williams
31/05/2017 at 14

very relaxing…..

31/05/2017 at 14

notin happend. at least no jump scares

Ricardo Lasalle
31/05/2017 at 14

nothing o well, NEXT

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