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Does Quitting Smoking Apps Work? If you want to quit smoking now check out the video on this site: There are many quitting smoking apps that give you tips to quit smoking or to help you to quit smoking but some of these methods are not backed by evidence.

Quitting smoking apps aren’t quite as effective as some people believe. According to researchers, the reason why quitting smoking apps are not very effective is because they provide techniques that are not backed by science, evidence or data.


Most quit smoking apps refer users to a quit line or medications that are common for smokers. However, researchers from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, and the mounting studies state that the above techniques have not shown to be very effective.

The methods that do work, however, are techniques that address the desire, not the behavior. Using methods that have been scientifically proven to diminish cravings for that cigarette leads to long term abstinence.

Abroms, author of the study stated that apps “do not promote treatments that are proven to work.” While there are scientifically-based methods that do work, they do not make their way onto the app, or even know how it could.1

Some successful ways to quit smoking deal with treating the desire, not the behavior. Some cognitive therapy techniques that address the urges and cravings to smoke, are more effective.
In one study found in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, many smokers do not know the dangers of smoking or the benefits to quitting. Becoming properly informed about the risks of smoking, have shown to motivate one to quit and to stay tobacco free

It is addiction management techniques that are proven most successful. And whats better, is that anyone can use them.
Many want to quit smoking now and that is why there are so many downloads of quitting smoking apps. We often want immediate results. However, the tips from these apps will not always give you appropriate help to quit smoking. Find out more by clicking the link in this description.
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