College Hypnosis 5 D’Anthony and Justin get BOOTED

College Hypnosis 5 D’Anthony and Justin get BOOTED

First D’Anthony, then Justin wind up in the big boots–with no idea how they got there.

1:33 I instruct D’Anthony to walk to the edge of the carpeted stage area, telling him that with each steps the boots will feel better and better.
3:35 Justin is put under deeply and left standing, feeling great. He’s told he’ll know I’m talking to him when I tap him on the shoulder.
3:53 D’Anthony is told he can take off the robot boots and put back on his skate shoes, but will have no memory of doing so.
4:23 Justin is given the command while still deeply under to kick off his own shoes and put on the boots, but also with no memory that he’s done so.
5:05 D’Anthony is awakened again. Nice shoes, man.
5:38 I tell Justin that I saw he had nifty youth group bling and I could relate to that.
5:47 Just is asked to describe D’Anthony’s shoes. (Wait, he has on shoes now??)

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