Certification in the Peterson Method of Prenatal Counseling & Birth Hypnosis

Certification in the Peterson Method of Prenatal Counseling & Birth Hypnosis

5 minute introduction from seminar one of the Certification Training in the Peterson Method of Prenatal Counseling & Birth Hypnosis: A Training for Childbirth Professionals

Participants who successfully complete this training will be certified to offer pregnant women educational counseling in Dr. Peterson’s model of childbirth preparation. The Online/ DVD training format allows participants to remain in practice while participating in the course.

Participants will learn to assess and address women’s needs on an individual basis to effectively decrease anxieties related to pregnancy and childbirth and promote normal delivery. In-depth training will prepare participants to offer counseling to pregnant women and their families for mastering anxieties related to this transitional period in the family life cycle.

Who are childbirth professionals?

Childbirth professional are practitioners working with birthing women and their families. This includes mental health counselors specializing in pregnancy and childbirth, childbirth educators, childbirth assistants, doulas, nurses, midwives, physicians, and other healing arts practitioners.

What will you learn in this certification course?

* Introduction to a holistic model for prenatal care: research and clinical application for healing

* The Birth Counselor Interview: assessing potential for complication in birth

* Body-mind integration for pregnancy and childbirth: beliefs, feelings and body memory and their effect on birth outcome

* The experience of pain in birth: yielding to the creative process of birth and incorporating pain as a healthy aspect of labor

* Exploring and reframing cultural beliefs and attitudes towards women in the childbirth process: how do our cultural beliefs affect our adaptation to the birth process?

* Family as the bridge to motherhood: how does the current crisis of family affect our biology for birth?

* Uses of visualization and hypnosis in prenatal care: for high blood pressure, breech presentation, vaginal birth after cesarean, prematurity, etc.

* The Birth Visualization: teaching the birth journey through metaphor, imagery and vocal intonation; impact on the limbic system.

* Assessment and treatment of post traumatic stress following a history of perinatal loss in the previous or current generation

To learn more, or to apply for the program, please visit: http://www.makinghealthyfamilies.com

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