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Hypnotherapy / Guided Meditation – Changing Your Perception to a Positive One

This 20 minute guided session is intended to aid the listener in changing their perceptions around themselves and their life. To help the listener become more aware of the negative thoughts when they arise and then let them go. This session includes Discover A Lot More

Lao NEWS on LNTV: The ‘3 Builds’ devolution directive brings positive changes.24/12/2015

VO The ‘Three Builds' devolution directive brings positive economic and political changes to rural areas INTRO: The government has told the National Assembly (NA) the ‘Three Builds' devolution directive has brought positive economic and political Discover A Lot More

Mind Changing Hypnosis for Sleep Negative Mindset Becomes Positive Thinking.

In this guided hypnotic visualization you are kindly and gently lulled into a deeply relaxing trance or meditative state where you can work the magic of hypnotherapy to start changing any negative self talk you are in the habit of using into a more Discover A Lot More