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Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session (do not play in a moving vehicle) – Dr. Steve G. Jones

READ BEFORE PLAYING: This a an actual hypnosis session. Listening to it may cause drowsiness. Do not play this video in a moving vehicle. Although it is not designed to put you into hypnosis, watching it may cause you to experience drowsiness and/or Discover A Lot More

Remember your PAST LIFE – Binaural Beats – Past Life Recollection [1 hour]

============================= This 1 hour session uses a binaural beat of 8 Hz, using a base Frequency of 100 Hz ============================= Don't forget to Subscribe and leave a like or comment! ============================= Don't listen/watch Discover A Lot More

Past Life Regression – Explanation of Regression Therapy – Video #1

Video #1 - Explanation of Regression Therapy. This is the first of three videos that explain and work with Regression Therapy including Past Life Regression. The following three videos are listed here: This Life Regression - Video #2: Past Discover A Lot More

Guided Meditation For Past Life Regression – With The Universal Musical Tuning of Sacred Geometry

To get a free hypnosis audio on letting go of stress then go to To purchase this track go to Get 30 of my most popular guided meditations (over Discover A Lot More

Intro to Past Life Regression Hypnosis / Guided Meditation (Past Life on Earth)

This intro to past life regression hypnosis (guided meditation) is ideal if you are new to past life experiences, or have had spiritual experiences and want to explore more, or are just curious about what this may be like. This is designed to be Discover A Lot More