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From Wand’s 2nd LP Golem. Released March 17, 2015 on “In the Red Records” Buy this album here:… See them live here: Discover A Lot More

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Program your subconscious to help you manifest more money with this hypnotic video! From the bestselling author of Instant Self Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open This video is based on a

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A fantastic affirmation from the new release 5 MINUTE AFFIRMATIONS. Each 5 minutes focuses on a different aspect – perfect for people that dont have a lot of time. Available for download at Check

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MP3 Link: Support the Channel: Website: This recording is designed to teach you a simple but powerful relaxation technique that you can use to Discover A Lot More

Conquer anxiety and control panic attacks with this newly updated and recently re-recorded self-help / self-hypnosis exercise. Thanks to the feedback received from over a thousand anxiety and panic sufferers, YouTube’s #1 Anxiety Reduction resource:

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Check out the new video – with improved sound – that focuses on motivation for weight loss at This is an audio presented in a video format. It contains several soundtracks to help attain

Continue reading This is the summary of Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open by Forbes Robbins Blair. Discover A Lot More

Check out the new video – with improved sound – for confidence and self-esteem at This is an audio presented in a video format. It contains several soundtracks to help attain deep relaxation (these

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The Secret of Deliberate Creation – Instant Self Hypnosis – Self Hypnotism What stands between you and having what you want? Whatever it is — let me say that again — WHATEVER it is,

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Call 1805 384-1040 *** REASONABLE RATES *** In Person, or Skpe HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS *** Accepting PayPal Make P Please call Tom to set up an appointment (805) 384-1040 Tom is a certified hypnotherapist located

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More details here: Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis not only teaches you Self-Hypnosis, but it teaches you how to do it instantly without me having to take you through a long boring induction every time

Continue reading – Have you ever wanted to learn instant self hypnosis? I discovered that you can literally hypnotize yourself for any number of reasons. Ive allowed my own subconscious to be the director of my

Continue reading Discover the fastest self-hypnosis technique ever devised. With this self-hypnosis method you will be able to induce hypnosis in yourself in less than 15 seconds. Play this video and you’ll be amazed. Discover A

Continue reading This instant self hypnosis technique that I am sharing with you today only takes a few minutes to do. I really recommend using this technique at times where you may feel your lacking energy

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