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Video from my FLASH: best with Stereo Headphones.. shrink effect if looking anywhere else after a while think its much more intresting than the stuffines black Discover A Lot More

This video makes you sleep, so don’t watch it.

Optical Illusion – Hypnotic Spiral

Since I haven’t uploaded in a while I thought I should do another quick video

Hypnosis spiral like virtual optical Illusion 4k video Watch this video on FULL SCREEN Created this animation on my leisure time. Negative Comments are appreciated Note : I am new to animation . Discover A

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Enjoy this free erotic hypnosis session from erotic hypnotist Sydney Chalmer. Erotic Hypnosis is the perfect masturbation pleasure maker and can be used to increase orgasms, enhance sexual desire and many other cool things. Join

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In the 4 years since I first uploaded this video, more than 352,000 people have watched it and 278 people have left comments… here’s the video with all the comments so far (spoken by my

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watch it all the way through and become my slave no scare in it I swear and it should really work

follow @hypnokink to find full videos. This is an excerpt from a longer video where the lovely Samantha Grace is Super Samantha and uses her mesmerizing eyes to hypnotize you. This version has a glowing

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A short video created by a friend and featuring a great new design for our DESCENT Hypnosis Radio logo. Discover A Lot More

The Great Dylani hypnotizes his entire school!!

An optical illusion is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with a

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I am now your master listen to me

Seamless Loop 8 Bars @ 120BPM, 30FPS Flattr me if you like this! Discover A Lot More

hypnosis mind control spiral Hypnotic Trance. Richard Barker Hypnotist shows you an illusion to Feel the effects of eye fixation, what do you see and feel afterwards? Discover A Lot More

Become Transfixed In Meditation

i was bored so just throwing an idea out there to do in the future.

Hypnotic Wheel~Chris & Heather’s Country Calendar Show~ 12~3~16~Fitzgerald’s~Berwyn, IL.