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Hypnosis for sleep, anxiety, recovery and healing, undo negative energy, stress relief #ASMR #NLP

Do you find yourself having excessive fear and anxiety? Do you find yourself feeling nervous, unease and fearful where you know you shouldn't? Do you find these negative emotions intruding your life? Now imagine having to do without all these emotional Discover A Lot More

Complete Relaxation by Glenn Harrold: Self-Hypnosis to help you Overcome Stress and Anxiety.

This is a 9.45 minute sample of Glenn Harrold's amazing hypnosis relaxation audio which is available on CD, MP3 download and on the Apple store as an App. There is also a full video version of this title available from and on iTunes Discover A Lot More

Safe & Motivation Hypnosis for Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Stress situations This is the full version with the regular background music. This is a hypnotherapy session to help you feel safe in situations which cause Discover A Lot More