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ASMR Guided Self-Hypnosis 2 + Tea Talk 4 – Change – TwoCans, Inaudible, Gongfu

It's time again for a super duper deep self-hypnosis tea talk date time. I've got two (2!) GREAT brain hacks as well as some tingly inaudible TwoCans action at the end! 23:29 Inaudible TwoCans tingly bits This one is regarding change and how to Discover A Lot More

Alpha Pro v2 ♂ Deep Sleep Programming Natural Self Confidence ♀ Law of Attraction Confidence Booster

This is the deep sleep programming edition of the original Alpha Pro and has been crafted so that you can play the confidence affirmations back to yourself while you sleep! The audio consists of a one hour sleep induction, featuring isochronic tones Discover A Lot More