Can I Hypnotise You in 30 Seconds ?

Can I Hypnotise You in 30 Seconds ?

Have you wondered if you are open to Hypnosis?

After this Video Watch the Next one where I make you WHOLE ARMS move !!

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I can show you that even with your eyes open I can demonstrate the power of your mind to make real physical changes.

Try this quick experiment and see how open minded you are. We always get more of what we think about so if you are really watching and imagining, then you may be surprised about what happens.

Your eyes will be open all the time and with just the use of your imagination you can see for yourself how powerful your own mind is.

Instructions about what I am saying…
Hold your fingers parallel and then KEEP them Parallel until I ask you to think about what I am saying. Sometimes people say that your fingers may go together naturally, so listen to what I say and follow those instructions. I ask you to KEEP them parallel! I am sure that is easy to do for most people. If you don’t have the strength to hold your fingers like that, then you may find this tough. Only think about the magnets when I ask you to do that.

Remember to think about how much you want it to work or do you want to resist and make it not happen?
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